The Samoyed is a beautiful, smart, energetic dog and one of the most ancient of dog breeds. It is one of the purest of breeds meaning there is no cross of fox or wolf in the breed.  Samoyeds were originally used in the coldest of climates as working dogs and companions to nomadic people groups, herding reindeer, pulling heavy loads, and often sleeping with their people to keep the family warm. Many of the original characteristics of the breed are still present today.

 When you see a Samoyed, the first thing you are struck with is their beautiful white coat. They have a profuse double coat, with a weather-resistant longer outer coat and a soft, wooly undercoat.  They shed some all year and once or twice a year they shed their wooly undercoat when you can expect to fill several paper grocery bags with hair.  Plan on brushing a few times a week to keep the coat clean and free from mats.

 Samoyeds were designed for pulling sleds and herding so they do have energy. They need daily exercise and basic obedience training to keep their mind working or they can become bored. Bored dogs become destructive dogs. They are social and need to be part of your family. They are not happy being alone in the back yard. Forming strong bonds, they need to be their owners.

 Samoyeds will alert you to visitors but do not excessively bark. Many howl – the Sammie woo-woo – which will melt your heart. This along with the Sammie smile are two traits for which the breed is known.

 Males can be up to 65 pounds and between 21-23 inches at the shoulder. Females up to 50 pounds and 19-21 inches.